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A Message from Dr. Gary Price

I am often asked to explain what concierge medicine is and why it came into being. As one of the pioneers of this movement, I am uniquely qualified to answer, having been a driving force from the beginning.

Simply stated, concierge medicine (also known as private medicine, direct medicine or boutique healthcare) is a model of care defined by a direct financial relationship between doctor and patient, in which the doctor accepts payment only from patients, and not from insurance companies, hospitals or government agencies. This is the only model that can ensure your doctor works only for you, with no conflicts of interest.

When I started my concierge primary care practice in 1997, there was only one other such practice that I am aware of, in Seattle, Washington. Now there are thousands of concierge physicians throughout the country. We have national concierge medical societies such as the American College of Private Physicians and the American Academy of Private Physicians. I currently serve on the Board of Directors of the former, and am recent past President and Chairman of the Board of the latter.

Why has the concierge healthcare model of medicine experienced such explosive growth? Because it works!

Concierge medical care allows the physician to follow his/her calling to provide the highest quality of service and attention possible without compromises or conflicts of interest. Plus it allows the patient to have easy access to excellent healthcare. We are the alternative to assembly line medicine. We spend as much time as needed with each patient, and fully address his or her healthcare needs.

I am enormously grateful to my discerning and loyal patients who have taken this journey with me and made it possible for this very special concierge medical practice to flourish. If you would like more information or would like to try concierge healthcare for yourself, just call for a complimentary, no-commitment meeting with one of our private physicians.

Discover the true meaning of direct medical practice at Private Physicians of Southwest Florida, a concierge healthcare practice. If you are searching for a “private doctor near me,” call 239-415-1111 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at one or our conveniently located offices in Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, Sanibel, or Clewiston.


In 1997, Gary M. Price, MD, FACP, created the first concierge medical practice in Florida, and the second one in the United States. His pioneering concept was to elevate the quality of healthcare to new heights for his patients. It was a resounding success...

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This is what you can expect when you choose Private Physicians of Southwest Florida for your healthcare needs...

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Meet your Physicians

Four great doctors, six board certifications, over 70 years combined experience...

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Dr. Price set the standards for care at Private Physicians of SWFL. The doctor's are always available to you. It doesn't matter the day of the week or the time of the day. When you need them, they are there for you. SWFL recognizes that your time is as valuable as theirs.

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