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Walkers: ChairsCaminadores: Para usar una silla

Walkers: Chairs

A walker can also help you when you sit down and get up. Note: If you have had your hip replaced, you may need special instructions. Ask your health care provider to show you the best way to move safely.

To Sit Down

Image of woman with walker

Image of woman with walker

Image of woman with walker


Back up until you feel the chair behind you. If you have an injured leg, knee, or hip, extend that leg out in front of you.


Bend forward at your hip. Reach behind you with one hand and grab the armrest or the side of the chair. Do the same with the other hand.


Lower yourself onto the center of the chair, then slide back.


Tip: Find sturdy, high-seated chairs with arms. If you must use a chair that swivels or has wheels, back it up against something stable before you sit down.

To get up

  1. To get up, do the reverse of the 3 steps above.

  2. Hold the crossbar of the walker with one hand, and the arm of the chair with the other.

  3. Don't try to use only the walker to stand-it could tip over.

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